Special Events


Pacific Security Special EventsSpecial Event Security

Pacific Security ensures your special event is safe and well-protected. We can help you design a security plan and achieve practical, effective results. Please see what our clients say about our services.

 We have successfully secured the following special events:

·    Weddings, Anniversaries, Baptisms & Funerals
·    Sports Events
·    Holiday Event Coverage
·    Fairs and Festivals
·    Dances and Parties
·    Retail Sales (auto, tent sales, product promotions, etc.)
·    Filming Productions
·    Concerts


Labor Disputes & Strike Security

If your business or public agency is faced with a labor dispute, call Pacific Security to help plan and implement an effective security plan. Our management staff will work with your in-house security to design the best strategy to protect your property and staff during this difficult time. Whether you need round-the-clock security at one site or multiple locations, our trained, professional security officers are a strong, effective deterrent to violence and inappropriate behavior. Every company’s security plan is different and Pacific Security can organize and adapt to any changes needed.



Pacific Security helps our clients resolve problems professionally and discreetly. We assist businesses, organizations and individuals with professional investigative services. Our experienced staff works with a number of diverse situations, from gathering evidence to recovering lost or stolen property to working with libel, fire, accident or damage cases.