Officer Training


Pacific Security Officer Training

At Pacific Security, training begins with proper recruitment and selection.  To become a Pacific Security officer, applicants must meet state and local requirements and have the following minimum qualifications:


Before we assign newly hired personnel to a client’s site, Pacific Security completes a thorough background screening. This includes reviewing and verifying his/her military records, driver’s licenses, employment histories, etc., taking fingerprints for the Department of Licensing and FBI and having the Washington State Patrol conduct background checks through the W.A.T.C.H. (Washington Access to Criminal History) program. Our goal is to make sure the applicant is stable and has a suitable background for security work.


Our experienced management team and trainers work one on one with new officers during eight hours of initial security training, which includes classroom and briefings with senior officers.  Training topics include:


Once security officers have completed their classes and initial instruction, they receive on-going site-specific training from the senior training officers to maximize their effectiveness at the client’s location.  In addition, Pacific Security provides training through classes and company newsletters.