Officer Training


Pacific Security Officer Training

At Pacific Security, training begins with proper recruitment and selection. 

Pacific Security complies with all state and legal requirements for Security Guard licensing and background checks through the Department of Licensing.  This includes reviewing and verifying previous employment, driver’s licenses, Identogo fingerprinting, and required background checks through the Department of Licensing prior to issuing a license.  Our goal is to ensure the applicant is stable and has a suitable background for security work.


Our officers complete eight hours of in-person initial training, including classroom instruction, briefings with senior officers, and onsite training.  

Once security officers have completed their initial instruction, they receive on-going site-specific training from the senior officers to maximize their effectiveness at the client’s location. Additionally, Pacific Security provides supplemental training through in-house classes, on-line courses, and company newsletters.

Initial training includes:

1) Basic principles


2) Legal powers and limitations


3) Emergency response


4) Safety and accident prevention


5) Report writing


6) Company specific training


Supplemental training includes: