On-Site Guards


Security Guards

Pacific Security Uniform 2Pacific Security provides high quality, professional security officers for organizations throughout Washington State. Every business has unique security needs and requirements. Pacific Security thoroughly learns those needs before proposing and executing a security program. While our clients come from a variety of industries, Pacific Security offers the same professionalism, honesty, and integrity to each. Our security personnel are discreet, highly professional, and well trained in all aspects of security services. 

To ensure we deliver service that meets your standards, Pacific Security uses Real Time Guard Management and Response Systems which include well-indexed, site-specific written instructions known as “post orders” for the officers on duty for your site.  Choose our carefully screened and trained security guards to protect your valuable property and assets.



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Armed Guards

Our management team only promotes outstanding, proven employees to become armed security guards after careful evaluation and at least six months of employment or previous law enforcement experience. All armed security officers must pass state licensing requirements and requalify annually to remain on our armed guard roster. 

Some clients prefer Less Than Lethal taser armed officers. Taser armed officers may be a good option for clients wanting additional threat reduction while maintaining good public perception and reducing the cost of a firearm carrying officer.

Loss Prevention

As retail employees keep up with overwhelming demands, many things can go unnoticed. Shoplifters are often undetected and unchallenged by staff. Additionally, employees are fearful of making wrongful accusations and want to avoid a difficult situation that could turn violentOur team of loss prevention officers are trained in deterring and identifying shoplifters, deescalating conflict, and when necessary, making apprehensions. Loss prevention officers assess the situation to ensure that customers and staff are safe.  Whether you need uniformed officers to deter or undercover loss prevention officers to detect and apprehend, our teams can meet your overall loss reduction goals. 

Executive Protection

Pacific Security tailors effective executive protection programs to our clients’ requirements. Our officers are available 24/7/365 for short-term and long-term assignments, including business theft and embezzlement, employee terminations, workplace violence, domestic disputes, estate protection and special events.

Access Control

Pacific Security provides excellent access control to municipal courts, manufacturers, transportation centers and gated communities. Our services include monitoring and logging visitors, perimeter security, foot patrol and traffic control.